The Perfect Shoe

Bostons, the Shoe that Changed the United States

 If you thought that Crocs were the ultimate turning point for male fashion, you would be sorely mistaken. In 1976, Birkenstock released their Boston Clogs, which resonated with grannies, granola people and teens.

   Dressing these clogs up or down is so easy, and they’re the perfect staple piece when wearing jeans with a crewneck or sweats with a nice t-shirt.

   Bostons are worn year-round but are most popularly seen around the colder seasons. They make a perfect Christmas gift for your boyfriend, grandpa, or dad.  Bostons are the perfect neutral shoe for someone who likes gender neutral fashion.

    Though they once appealed mostly to men, they have become the perfect slide on shoe for all people. These shoes have  recently attracted attention from many familiar designer brands such as Manolo Blahnik,  Jil Sander, and recently Dior.

    They are most praised for their durability and the spectacular arch support they offer for comfort. There are about 41 different types of colors and textures for Bostons, making them extremely outfit friendly. Easy to pair, easy to wear.

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