Ethnic Holidays


Latino Thanksgiving: Many Latino people live in the United States and have adopted Thanksgiving in their households. They take this time of year to drink champurrado, a Mexican hot drink that has a thick, creamy texture and tastes like chocolate.

    For dinner, they eat some delicious tamales and posole, a red or green like stew made with beef or pork. To finish off the Thanksgiving dinner, they have some mouthwatering tres leches cake for dessert. 

   Argentinians also have some delicious food that they eat on Thanksgiving. They eat empanadas along with carne milanesa, which is steak fried in bread crumbs and cancha which is a type of meat. For dessert they eat flan that is out of this world. They also enjoy a popular drink which is matẽ.

   Puerto Ricans celebrate Thanksgiving similarly to Americans. They enjoy a turkey, with arroz con gandules, which is rice with pigeon peas, habichuelas which is rice and beans, and Puerto Rican tostones. These foods are accompanied with roast pork. For dessert, they have some appetizing custard, usually with some dulce de leche. Thanksgiving is a holiday that is  celebrated in the United States and Hispanic families have found a way to celebrate it in their own special way.

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