Battle of Decor, Christmas Versus Halloween

Which Holiday does Their Decorations Best?


   Halloween and Christmas. Two different holidays in two different seasons. One is about getting scared and the other is about the spirit of giving and all that is merry. How could anyone compare these two holidays, let alone the decor that comes with them?

  Well, I’ll show you how. The decor of each holiday falls in line with what they are about. Halloween decor is made to scare anyone who passes by. Some examples are graveyards, massive skeletons, and inflatable pumpkins to sell spooky vibes. In contrast, Christmas decor is all about joy and merriness, colorful lights, candy canes, and fake snow.

   It’s a tough decision to make, but the winner is obvious. It’s Christmas decor. While Halloween decorations are cool and spooky, that’s all it is. Christmas decor, on the other hand, inspires feelings deeper than fear or fright-it brings feelings of warmth. The warmth of a fireplace, the warmth of laughing with friends, and, of course, the warmth of being together with family.

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