Don’t Worry Darling

Drama, Drama, and More Drama

   The psychological thriller Don’t Worry Darling has had many pre-productions conflicts. The movie went from casting world-famous actor Shia Labeouf to the Brit-pop star Harry Styles. LaBeouf stated that he left the production due to not having enough time to rehearse lines, but Olivia Wilde still states she fired him. Apart from the pre-production drama, the movie is loved and also hated. 

   On IMDb, the film scored a 6.3 with reviews saying it was “A very slow burn sleeper” to “The good kind of weird.” The film had a lot of potential with a good plot about a 1950’s housewife living in an experimental neighborhood full of “perfect” couples with lots of hidden secrets. In summary, the pre and post-production of the film had a massive effect on the cast, the film’s end product, and viewers’ view of the film.

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