Traditional Clothes are Underrated

Ethnic Clothes Should Be Worn More Often

Traditional Clothes are Underrated

   Ethnic clothing can be described as clothes with a specific style from a nation or traditional historic clothing. Globalization of style and dress has replaced the beauty and elegance of traditional ethnic clothing. 

   Nowadays, traditional clothes are scarcely seen. I believe that there should be a revival of traditional clothes every once in a while. For example, I enjoy seeing the traditional Vietnamese áo dài during limited events like banquets, lunar new years, and other occasion. The Indian subcontinent’s sari is an ornate dress that is highly underrated and simply not seen enough.

   From nations in South-East Asia to large empires in Southern America, multitudes of cultural clothes exist with fusion of patterns, depths of sophistication, and layers of beauty. Despite the charm these clothes have, their impracticality has been “fixed” by modern clothing.

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