Too Old to Trick or Treat?

Why Bother for Candy When You Should Bother for a 401k?

When it comes to trick or treating, I feel one should be a respectable and adequate age to be allowed to participate in doing so.

   In my opinion the acceptable maximum age to still consider participating in Halloween is 18. I mean, ain’t no way I want a college student popping up at the ungodly hour of one A.M. to say “Trick or Treat!” Go turn in your lab reports due at midnight!

   Over 18, you can go do other events such as throwing your friend a party. You could even have a movie marathon or visit a haunted house to get the most out of this holiday.

   To the folks justifying trick or treating at older ages for the free candy, just go to your local dollar tree! At that point you have a source of income to fulfill your candy needs for only a buck each bag.

   There is also potential danger of weirdos, and I doubt you would want to be taken as one. For all I know, you could be showing up to harvest my organs and use this event as a cover up to disguise yourself.