Frontline Thrift Shop, Round Two

The Return of El Modena’s One and Only Thrift Shop

   Autumn has officially started, which means fall fashion is a necessity. And what better place to get your next fall fit than Frontline’s very own thrift store?

   On Friday 7th, Vanguards had the opportunity to comb through a variety of gently used clothing in the quad. Who could blame them? With most clothing items selling for only a dollar, it’s easy to save money, the environment, and your fall wardrobe all in one trip.

   Cheap prices and nice clothes were not the only factors attracting El Mo students. The thrift shop’s central location made it easy for students who just got out for lunch to stop by and see what they could buy. The layout of the shop itself made shopping a breeze. Dubbed “The Smile,” by Frontline’s own Tyler Perry, the shop was set up as a half circle where students entered on one side, got what they wanted, paid, and exited on the other end.

  Even if you weren’t initially looking for clothing, the thrift shop’s bazaar energy made it attractive to browse, help your friends choose something to buy, or simply hang out. All of this led to plenty of Vanguards walking out of the quad with bags full of clothes, so don’t miss out and be on the look for the next thrift shop on November 30th!

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