Flea Market on Fleek

ASB Holds Their First Flea Market

If you are not the type of person interested in going to a party or trick-or-treating on Halloween night, watching a movie is the perfect alternative. The best part of Halloween movies is that there is a little something to appeal to everyone.
There are children’s Halloween movies that are perfect for families, Such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Casper the Friendly Ghost, and Frakenweenie. These are all great animated movies that people of any age can enjoy.
If you are looking for more of a scare, there are also horror movies. Halloween, Scream, and A Nightmare on Elm Street are all great options for anyone interested in something to give more of a fright. These selections are more popular among the older crowd, so just be prepared for some jump scares!
For those interested in something to give them a laugh, there are comedies as well. Those include Hubie Halloween, The Addams Family, and Zombieland. These movies have all of the qualities to get you in the Halloween spirit, just without the scare.
Watching movies on Halloween is a staple to the well-loved holiday. Any of these movies can be put on while you enjoy pumpkin carving, candy sorting, or dressing up in your costumes!

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