Vanguard Pride Day

El Mo’s Students Work Together for Campus Beautification

Vanguard Pride Day

 On Saturday, October 15th, students came together on El Modena’s campus in order to tidy up and improve the cleanliness of the school. The event began at 8:00 am, and students started out by checking in at a booth.

   After checking in, our Vanguards spread throughout the school and beautified the campus by scraping gum off the floor and halls, cleaning out lockers, picking up trash, and sweeping up outside the classrooms and hallways.

   The day also enabled underclassmen and upperclassmen to interact with each other and work together towards a common goal. Senior Leilani Pongco spent her day working with freshmen and discussing their high school experiences so far.

   The school incentivized students to participate in Vanguard Pride Day by assuring that the class with the best turnout would receive additional supplies for spirit week. 

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