Romanticizing Farms

  Cottagecore, also known as grandmacore or farmcore, is an aesthetic that romanticizes Western agricultural life and the Victorian and Romantic eras. Cottagecore has been around since the 2010s when it first appeared on Tumblr, but it has since spread to TikTok and Instagram.

  Natural colors like green, brown, cream, and off-white are the primary colors in the aesthetic. Gardens, flowers, farm animals, baking, and, of course, cottages come to mind visually when you think of cottagecore! 

    Cottagecore values traditional ways of life and simple living. It is characterized by corsets, lace, layered clothing, and flowy dresses. Dresses from Gunne Sax and Edwardian styles are ideal for this look! However, as this trend gains popularity, fast fashion brands have added more Cottagecore “design” clothing.

   ​​CottageGore and Bloomcore are two similar aesthetics. While Bloomcore primarily focuses on flowers and gardening with a grunge style,  CottageGore is the same as Cottagecore but has darker aspects. However, if you love gardening, poetry, reading, knitting, flower picking, and the Romantic Victorian era, Cottagecore is the style for you!


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