Football Cheers Guide


Football Cheers Guide

Why are the Yellow and Red People Jumping?

   Not sure what to do with those hands while stuck in the football stands? Here is the perfect guideline for you! One easy cheer to hear out for is the Jump and Jive. No jumping or jiving is needed! Just yell:

Jump and Jive

Stay Alive

Elmo has just Arrived

Say ooo ya ya ya

Say ooo ya ya ya (x2)

   Another simple cheer to learn is the classic Yell. Yes, you in fact need to yell for this one. Just shout:

Y E L L, Y E L L

Everybody Yell go Elmo,


Go Elmo Whoo (x2)

   Now that you have learned these two main cheers you’ll be set for the fall sports season! Don’t forget to be loud!

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