Candyland’s Court

Just Like An Explosion, Homecoming Sure Causes A Commotion!

The homecoming court is a heartwarming experience to be a part of. It comes with great pleasure to announce our nominees: Sebastion Bray, Diana Gutierez, Andres Gomez, Karina Magana, Esteban Choucair, Kalena Lenz, Owen Smith, Elodie Danet, Marissa Sanchez, and Tobias Hernandez

   We had the pleasure of interviewing the nominees and their responses varied from simple responses to heartfelt ones. Some even campaigned for fun and joy!

   Meanwhile, Magana gave a much more sentimental reply like, “I’m running for court because it’s something my mother wanted to do, so I’m doing it out of love for her.” Overall, they agreed it came down to creating a fond memory after seeing others run. 

   We then decided to spark it up by asking, “What are your thoughts on your partner?” While some kept it short and sweet, a few had heartfelt responses due to the bond with each other.

   For example, Sanchez shared that Hernandez has been her best friend for about 7 years and they spoke highly about one another. As for Lenz, she went with her friend’s brother because of the closeness within that family. Overall, they truly put the “sweet” in Home Sweet Homecoming!

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