Olivia Rodrigo or Conan Gray?

When Will The Music Industry Tear These Two Iconic Pairs Apart ?


   Olivia Rodrigo and Conan Gray are one of today’s cutest celebrity friendships and one of the music industry’s most ICONIC duo. Don’t believe me? They posted a clip of them singing back in 2021 to Taylors Swift’s version of “White Horse.” Gray was seen singing into hair brushes while both he and  Rodrigo were jumping joyously on a bed.  They were seen shopping together in NYC wearing some of the cutest outfits for their get together. Gray is currently styling Rodrigo’s merch for her award-winning album “Sour.” When we look at this adored friendship, we wish to obtain this kind of friendship, however. The music industry has other plans… Let’s compare one of the most well-known friendships torn apart by the music industry, a world of fame, money, and jealousy.

   Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were torn by a backup dancer issue. But of course some fans like to take sides, and defend their idols. When Rodrigo finishes her new album that’s coming out, there could possibly be a heated argument or a rank of jealousy that could occur after the album’s success or failure. And that will be the time the music industry chooses sides.

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