Football’s First Home Game

The Domination over Santa Ana High School!

   On August 25th we had our first home game at Fred Kelly Stadium to kick off the year! For our incoming freshmen, this marks the start of many marvelous football games during their high school years. For our Seniors, it was their last first football game to kick off the year.

   It was practically a packed house by the time the gates were able to open. We ultimately had anyone and everyone show up. The love and support were through the roof, or should I say, through our student section!

   All the students showed an undying passion for their school, which by the way, was greatly recognized by the one and only Manny from the OC Student Sections! Manny is one of many student representatives that go out to nominate the school’s student sections for the Instagram page @ocstudentsections.

   OC Student Sections is widely known in Orange County and has a great following of almost 13,000. So, the fact we were able to get such great recognition for our school spirit is a remarkable honor.

   This surely will be paving the way for future games and marks the beginning of our never-ending triumph; especially our admirable score of thirty-eight to zero against Santa Ana High School! We absolutely crushed our competition with such ease thanks to our fabulous players!