The Tear of a Century

How Sports Injuries Can Affect Your Everyday Life.

Having a severe sports injury may be life changing and frustrating. In the fall of 2020 I tore my right ACL and meniscus, at the time I didn’t really understand the extent to which this would affect me. I got surgery shortly after and was in a lot of pain. I spent countless days just working on being able to walk again.

    After a long 9 month recovery I was back on the field and playing soccer, then in 2021 I landed wrong after shooting the ball and ended up tearing the left ACL as well. I didn’t really know how to feel, I wanted to quit because I didn’t think I could go through that process all over again.

   Nobody really talks about the mental aspect of it all. Not being able to get into a car regularly and proceed with life like I normally would. It put my life on hold for the longest time. I gave up on school and just stopped trying.

    But I shortly realized all the injuries, all the tears and frustration are all worth it because I love to play. Those types of setbacks are discouraging and frustrating. However, when you have people who love you and are supporting you, it makes the process so much easier. 

   Now that I’m physically healthy and both knees are up to speed, I will be finishing my last year playing club and high school soccer before I leave for college.

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