Andrew Tate shouldn’t be banned

Free Tate

Andrew Tate is a highly controversial figure in our current social media landscape, possessing a massive cult following while garnering a lot of ire from many others. Although his commentary can be interpreted as misogynistic, bigoted, and hateful, Andrew Tate shouldn’t be de-platformed.

   His de-platforming is a perfect example of how social media companies over-step their boundaries and censor anyone that has a differing opinion compared to the majority. Social media should be a place where all opinions can be expressed, and where people can debate any topic without censorship.

   Andrew Tate is an example of what is simply a stance that is against mainstream ideals. Although Andrew Tate resides in Romania, the terms of service on mainstream social media sites typically adhere to United States law. This means that Andrew Tate should be protected under the first amendment, which protects people from repercussions from statements made against an institution or government.

   Although Andrew Tate makes statements that I do not personally agree with, I do not believe that banning him was the right course of action.

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