For far too long, men have been oppressed by their own creation, the patriarchy. If you frequent Twitter, you would know it said the patriarchy is collapsing and with it, the fashion constraints men have suffered under.

   Emerging from the old order is the question of men in jorts, should they wear them? Should they not? Well, allow me to deliver the answer, men need to wear jorts! This admixture of a clothing item represents so much more than just a fashion statement. Jorts represent freedom, a pillar of American life. They represent a feminist future and tell a tale of victory over the restrictive male clothes of the past. 

   On top of all this symbolic meaning behind the Jorts, I have yet to mention their appeal. Fellas listen to me, putting yourself in a pair of jorts will turn every pair of eyes your direction, no one can resist a man in jorts.

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