Hot Clothes In Summer

As Temperatures Rise, for Some People Sleeve Length Don’t

The weather in California is inconsistent constantly, fluctuating between being too hot to function, or functional heat, and fashionistas fall victim to this weather complex. Warmer clothes can be appealing during the heatwave however; are they being worn for fashion purposes or are there bigger issues at hand?

   There are many reasons that students could be wearing these warm clothes. When covered, they are potentially preventing bug bites and sun damage to their skin. Other concerns can be their body image.

   Pants and hoodies can come in handy with classrooms that have air conditioning and provide more pockets which is useful during any type of weather. Warm clothing can simply keep someone comfortable throughout the day as it feels like you’re wearing a blanket outside of the house.

   At the end of the day, you might get sweaty just from seeing others wear warm clothing in this weather, but comfort in what you’re wearing is the most important!

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