No For Jorts

Jorts are the Biggest Tragedy of the 21st Century

Homecoming is a significant part of everyone’s beginning of the year, and if you went to the dance you might have seen everyone’s amazing suits and dresses. You wouldn’t want it any other way right? Well, there is a pandemic sweeping the nation called Jorts. 

   More and more people are being exposed to this virus and ruining their outfits. Could you ever imagine our homecoming with everyone wearing jorts instead of clean pants and beautiful dresses? Jorts are a mutant cross breed between shorts and jeans. Two totally different clothes should never even be near each other. 

   If you spot someone wearing jorts please stay more than 6 feet away at all times or you will be infected. Jorts will make people look at you, but for all the wrong reasons. Jorts are an eyesore that you can’t look away from. Do your part and stay away from jorts.

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