A Timeless Star

The Life of Olivia Newton John

   Olivia Newton-John became a sensational icon not only in her singing career, but also her acting career. With hit songs and iconic movie roles, Newton-John grew to become a timeless artist that many would come to know and love for generations.

   Newton-John was born on September 26, 1948 in England. After growing up there, Newton-John took advice from a friend and decided to move to America in the mid 70’s to enhance her singing career. She became an established pop and country singer with over 24 “top 40” singles.

   With half of her songs hitting the charts and becoming “top 10,” Newton-John’s iconic album single “Physical” became her most popular release selling over two million copies. However what many will remember about Newton-John was her outstanding role in “Grease.” Taking the role at 29, Newton-John became a well known idol playing the role of Sandy Olsson.

   A symbol of triumph and hope after her 30 year battle with breast cancer, Newton-John’s uplifting personality and talent will forever be remembered.