Bell Schedule Change – Good or Bad?

Discussing the 2022-2023 Bell Schedule

Bell Schedule Change - Good or Bad?

  The bell schedule has changed again this year, provoking diverse sentiments among staff and students. Although the adjustment provides extra time in the morning for sleep and school preparation, it also means later release.

   The later release times can cause student-athletes to stay at school until five or six o’clock at night, leaving them only a couple of hours to complete homework and eat dinner after they get home. 

   Additionally, students now see all their classes on Mondays with classes shortened to forty-one minutes. This encourages students to be more engaged during class time and allows students to take more breaks throughout the day.

   Overall, I appreciate the schedule changes. Allocating more time in the morning allows students to sleep in and changing Mondays to all-class days provides foresight for block days and extra mobility. 

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