Interviewing our Next Line of Leaders

   Frontline: As president, what are your plans to help improve ASB?

   Derek Torres: “My plans to help improve ASB are to get more people involved by attending    every meeting”


 FL:  Do you plan on running all four years?

 DT: “I do plan on running all four years and giving it my all.”


Fl: Why do you think Derek was the best candidate for president?

Dillion Patel: “I believe he is the best because I have him for AP Human Geo and I see first 

hand how smart he is. Also, he is  on top of everything and  he is responsible.”


Frontline: How do you plan on helping Derek this year?

DP: “I plan on being at the meetings and listening to what he has to say and bringing more ideas to help him as much as possible. I look forward to being vice president and  hope to accomplish great things this year.”


Frontline: Are you looking forward to keeping Derek on track?

Breanna Cassel: “Yeah, I will go over what it was in meetings and if we need new meetings I will keep him reminded and anyone who needs to be reminded. I am very excited for the school year and what is going to be done at assemblies.” 


Frontline: How do you plan on being organized and performing the best you can this year? 

BC: I plan on participating in all the meetings and helping around ASB in ways that I can do so. 


Frontline: What are some of your fundraising ideas?

Carter Pilon: “I have ideas like hosting food drives like Chipotle. Also, toy drives which help the community. During spirit week, we can sell shirts.  I’m excited to be treasurer this year and make plenty of money.”

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