Bodacious Belts

These Belts are What’s in and What’s out.

Bodacious Belts

This belt is now out of style. It was in style in 2000. If you would like to wear this belt that is fine but it is no longer in style or trend.  If you want to wear a belt like this, maybe wear it with smaller rhinestones.


 This belt is more common in the south but that doesn’t mean it’s not in style.  This belt is plain but it has some flair to it so it’s not too boring for some people who like flashier stuff. You could style this belt with anything cause it’s plain.


This belt is standard and in style because of its plainness of it. Plain doesn’t mean bad it means it will match anything. It is also not specific to a certain gender. Yet again it matches everything so you don’t have to plan your whole outfit around it


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