Blood Drive

Saving Lives, One Donation at a Time


The El Modena Red Cross Blood Drive returned after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event started on September 16, 2022, from eight in the morning to two in the afternoon. Adults got priority when it came to signing up for the blood drive. Potential donors were screened to be eligible for a blood donation, such as meeting the minimum BMI rating and not having any previous health conditions that would affect the donation of blood.

   Students were required to make an appointment before donating blood. To donate blood, students had to sign up using the sign-up sheet during lunch in the quad. The blood drive had a large turnout, with many students and teachers donating their blood.

   Kaylee Huynh, a senior attending the school, donated her blood and said, “I was so anxious because it was my first time donating. The process was pretty smooth. It felt comfortable when donating blood, as the people there were making sure I was okay. Another student, Brenton Lively, a Junior who donated two units of blood said, “ It was pretty good, I felt good after doing it. It felt like everyone knew what they were doing. The only negative was that I got bored after twenty minutes.”

   After donating, donors were asked to sit down by the canteen to eat food, as people can potentially pass out if they do not eat. After recovering, people were given an American Red Cross T-shirt and were given up to two service hours. Because of their contribution, El Modena High School has potentially saved many people from dying due to blood loss.

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