Top G or Stopped G?

Slate Tate

   Andrew Tate, an American-British commentator and ‘hustler’ has recently gained immense media popularity in a very short amount of time. He has been coming under fire for the messages he preaches and the things he’s done since the start of his career, but finally it has gotten him banned.

   This social media ban has been manifesting from his start, and I wholeheartedly believe that it’s deserved. Not only were the messages he preached harmful and damaging, but they influenced millions of men in an entirely negative way.

   On the surface he preaches self improvement and motivation, leading men to live their best life and become the best version of themselves. While this is a valiant goal to push, his messages are deeply laced with misogyny and sexism. 

   He has continuously slandered women in many aspects of life, treating them as possessions, comparing them to cars which he needs to “protect,” and detailing the ways he exploits women for money on his podcast.

   This doesn’t even get into the allegations of human trafficking, domestic abuse, some of which is caught on video, his own pyramid scheme, and his vague explanation for moving to Romania, all of which are vibrant red flags. 

   To conclude, he is just another misogynistic commentator aimed at exploiting an audience of young men and it’s a blessing that he’s gone.

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