Can “Abstract Art” be considered real art?

Exploring Abstract Art’s Classification Within The Art World

Can “Abstract Art” be considered real art?

  Many view “art” through a traditional lens, only recognizing representational art that depicts real-life subjects. Abstract art, however, does not portray realistic scenes but instead uses irregular shapes and vibrant colors to express a message.

   The differences between traditional and abstract art have roused critics to debate whether or not Abstract art is categorized as art. Although it is unique, I strongly believe that abstract is just as much “art” as any other art form.

   Abstract art is a form of creative expression and thus requires the same vision and skill necessary for traditional art. Furthermore, it demands the artists to exhibit great creativity because they must create their pieces “from scratch.”

   At first glance, abstract art may seem lazy or uninspired, but upon deeper inspection one can recognize the emotional and symbolic appeal it can impart upon a viewer.

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