Popularity of Formula 1 in the US

Formula 1 Is the Pinnacle of Motorsport!


Formula 1 has been one of the biggest motorsports leagues since 1950. Recently, Formula 1 has become very popular in the United States. Why may that be? 

   Formula 1 became so popular in the United States because of the popular Netflix documentary series, “Drive to Survive”, which shows the behind the scenes of all the action. Ever since this series came out, the viewership of Formula 1 doubled to 1.5 million every race.

   This sudden surge of popularity in the United States has demanded for more races. There are currently the US Grand Prix, the Miami Grand Prix and next year they will introduce the Las Vegas Grand Prix which will make it a total of 3 races in the US. In the future, who knows how popular Formula 1 will be in the United States.

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