Club Rush Revamped

Become a Part of our Vanguards’ Passions with Club Rush!

   The school bell rings, signaling the start of lunch. Students pour into the grassy area between the 400 and 500 buildings as club board members eagerly await them. Tables and booths are set up as people try to motivate students to join their clubs.

   This event, known as Club Rush, happens yearly on campus to encourage other students to become involved in the community and the school. El Modena has a wide variety of clubs that students have the option to join based on their own interests. 

   In the past, Club Rush occurred over a span of two days, which proved to be an insufficient amount of time. Students were given too many clubs to choose from at once and it ended up being very chaotic. 

   To combat this, Club Rush has been expanded to four days, with each day separating clubs into different categories. The four categories include culture-related, community service-related, athletic-related, and hobby-related clubs on each day. 

   Clubs not only look great on college resumes, but they more importantly provide ways to build new friendships and develop your character. Make sure you attend Club Rush so that you don’t miss out on all of the wonderful clubs on campus!