Meet Me at Midnight

  Everyone has that special person in their life, and for most people that someone is Taylor Swift. She made all her fans fall in love with her through her music. Being a teenager is not easy because we have to deal with heartbreaks and both school pressure and peer pressure. Taylor Swift has incorporated all of this into her music, making many teens fall in love with her. 

   On August 28th, Taylor Swift announced at the VMA’S that her new album, “Midnights,”will be released on October 21st. This made many of her fans run out screaming, especiallly because no one expected her to announce a new album at the VMA’S after recieving her award for her 10 minute video “All Too Well.” This is her 1st original album since she released ‘Evermore’ back in 2020. She never fails to make us cry, sing, and fall in love all over again.

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