Tableaux Vivants: Living Pictures

The Perfect Summer Pastime: Pageant of the Masters

Tableaux Vivants: Living Pictures

   Pageant of the Masters is an art showcase featuring various works of art recreated by modern artists. Expanded scenes of art pieces serve as a backdrop while painted people act as characters from the artwork. 

   This year’s theme of Wonderful World, embodied by pieces of art from Swedish watercolor painting Azalea by Carl Larsson to Japan’s woodblock print Snow Viewing by Chikanobu, attracted viewers from far and wide to experience artwork and culture from over 15 countries on various continents. 

  Artworks from John Moreau to Giovanni Tiepolo were brought to life by the hands of artists in Laguna Beach, California at the moderately small, yet filled to the brim, Irvine Bowl.

      Pageant of the Masters introduces avid art enjoyers to a new perspective by unveiling a taste of 3-Dimensional canvases. It is truly riveting to see the shadowing from the paint delicately placed onto the backdrop with the shadows created when the actor’s skin meets the spotlight.

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