So . . . What’s the Buzz?

What’s with the Craze to Shave?

In recent months, a resurgence of buzz cuts have befallen the youth of America. From grade school to college and beyond, they have been sprouting up like a plague.

   Although this resembles a plague, it is one I absolutely support. The influx of buzzcuts is a wonderful surprise as the classic cut is finally being done justice by some most fashionable individuals, finally straying from being the “military cut.”

   The most common form seen around Southern California is bleached, a step up from a brown or black buzz. This compliments nearly everyone’s facial features in my opinion. 

   Lighter eyes shine brighter than ever, face shapes come through stunningly when attention isn’t on longer hair, and every skin tone becomes an addition to their beauty with such a uniform haircut.

   My favorite option of this hair style is the option to dye it. I love flat and ombre colors as well as intricate designs which I have done to myself. They’re unique and add depth to your look.

   There are virtually no downsides to doing this because your hair will always grow back. Be a part of the buzz cut resurgence!

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