School Sanctioned Rowdiness

Let’s Get Loud and Proud With the Rowdy Crew!

   It has been an odd three school years. In 2020, school ended abruptly with a “long spring break” that bled into a year of online learning. When school finally went back into session we only saw half our classmate’s faces. This led El Modena to have a whole generation of students who just entered normalcy and don’t know what El Mo is all about. 

    Enter the Rowdy Crew. Started and led by Lauren Spitzer and Mrs. Mull, this club is a whole new concept to El Mo. It connects our beloved ASB with those who want to get involved in our school. There will be workdays where members can get together and collaborate to show the importance of their school spirit. And what better place to show school spirit than our football games?

   Our school loves to go all out and support the team by filling the stands and covering them with posters that read out cheers and encouragement. In past years, only ASB made these posters but this year the Rowdy Crew is making them and anyone in the club can paint one!

 Besides providing an outlet to show some school spirit the club has even more perks. One of them is that a limited number of members can get in the game for free to help set up posters and have first pickings of the limited front few rows of bleacher seats. And that’s what the Rowdy Crew is all about, filling up those bleachers and cheering on our team and school! 

   And don’t worry there will be more to do after the fall sports season so the Rowdy Crew will be active all year long. Sign-ups for the club never close either so anyone can join anytime! So what are you waiting for? Get involved, make new friends, and get rowdy!

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