Seniors Sign Off

Senior Vanguards College Signing Day!


   On May 18th, El Modena’s graduating seniors gathered together to celebrate with their peers their upcoming commitment of a higher education in college. 

   Nearly all students were decked out in college gear, and upon arrival, the upcoming graduates were met with a “College Accepted” El Modena shirt and a name card with the anticipated college they will be attending the next school year. 

   In groups of four, students were announced by Mr. Finn, Mr. Moeller, and Mrs. Mull, and then  they sat down and had their picture taken. Once the photo was taken, students high fived El Modena Staff members who were waiting in a congratulatory line.

   An El Modena backdrop was also available for individual pictures. Following this there was a US map where seniors marked their spot for their college location.

   In preparation for this large celebration, ASB painted college pennants for each school that our Vanguards will attend, congratulations posters, and Culinary students baked delectable coffee cakes and coffee. 

   El Modena fosters an environment in which students strive to better themselves and college signing day reminds students to strive for a higher education in the future.   

   Whether it be a big name university, local community college, trade school, or a military academy, students are able to display their next step in life passing the threshold from high school to college.

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