College Bound Seniors

Our Seniors Are Going To College!

Frontline: “What college are you going to?”

Arely Simon: “I’m going to Fullerton college.”

Andrea Sanchez: “I’m going to California State University, Fullerton.”

Desiree Valencia: “The college that I’m attending is Cal State Los Angeles.”

FL: “What are you looking forward to?”

AS: “I’m excited to meet new people.”

AS: “I’m excited to be at a new school and meet new people.”

DV: “What I’m looking forward to the most is dorming and meeting new people. I’m excited to get college experience and become more independent.”

FL: “What makes you nervous about going to college?”

AS: “I’m nervous of becoming an adult and having to pay for everything because college is expensive.”

AS: “One of the things I’m nervous about is being somewhere new where I won’t know that many people.”

DV: “What makes me nervous about going to college is being away from my family and friends. I’m going to be in a whole new location, which is scary but it will be good for me.”

FL: “What are you planning to major in?”

AS: “I want to major in criminal justice.”

AS: “I am majoring in psychology.”

DV: “When I first applied back in October, I wanted to study psychology, but currently I don’t see myself studying that field, so I’m going to change my major to business.”

FL: “What made you choose this college?”

AS: “The distance from my parents’ house, and the amazing programs they offer.”

AS: “Something that made me choose this college was that the campus isn’t too big or too small.”

DV: “What made me choose this college is I wanted to be close to home, but still far away where I would have to move there. I wanted to have a fresh start, and being in L.A seemed fun and I wanted to experience living there!”

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