El Modena Shows its Vocal Talent

Come See Our Choir Perform at El Mo’s Very Own Concert

      Our school is having a concert, and you may have never heard of it. Taking place at 7:00 p.m on June 1st, this vocal concert will be the perfect start to June. Bring the family, bring your friends, and bring your pet goldfish because this will be the concert of a lifetime and tickets will only be $3.

 Our El Modena choir will be performing all throughout the night. Several choir seniors will be performing solos so be sure to show up to support them as they finish their high school careers doing what they love.

   While we love to spotlight our seniors, don’t forget to be there for the rest of El Mo’s choirs as well because they will all be performing. Chamber Singers, Men’s Choir, Harmonia, and Vanguard Choir will all be present and showcasing their talent. 

  And not only will our choirs be performing, but also Santiago Middle School’s choir will be performing too! They will sing alongside our choirs, so be sure to go and support them!

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