The Gold of the Gilded Age

Fitting Fits, Convincing Costumes, and an Awful Apparatus


   Wearing a unique twist on the standard tuxedo, the British actor Papaa Essiedu was dressed by OFF White in an oversized velvet blue suit accompanied by plenty of sleek jewelry. He was dressed in ‘Nassau’ sunglasses by OFF White, a string of pearls, a Veert Collection 4 emerald and gold necklace, as well as a 60’s inspired Hublot watch, all adding to the polished look he portrayed so well. A few added touches such as black nail polish and the absence of a shirt underneath his suit finalize the suave he portrays. 

   Dressed from head to toe in Gucci, Anderson Paak stuns audiences and celebrities alike with one of the funkiest looks of this year’s Met Gala. Adhering to this year’s theme The Gilded Age, Paak boasts an embroidered coat with stunning floral colors over a baby blue button up shirt and tie. In his own words his outfit was, “ giving very East London,” as evidenced by his, somehow, stylish bowl cut and round chained sunglasses. 

   Naturally, not everyone can nail Met Gala outfits like Paak or Essiedu, and one such example is Sebastian Stan. Dressed by Valentino, Stan’s hot pink suit includes baggy pants, a large jacket, and sneakers, all hot pink of course. This eye sore on the red carpet does everything wrong, not only does it pain the eyes, but it doesn’t fit the theme or even challenge fashion norms like many other outfits we saw this year. All in all, a failure on one of the country’s largest stages. 


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