A Gilded Glamor Gala

3 Celebs Who Did It Best

  Kim Kardashian appeared wearing a vintage St. Louis gown and Cartier jewelry with slicked blonde hair. Her slim fitting gown was a moment, as Marilyn Monroe had last worn the dress in 1962. Kim was glowing, and matched the Met theme perfectly. 

  Blake Lively showed up to the red carpet in a Versace rose gold gown, and a jeweled tiara. Her dress tied in outstandingly with the theme. Lively reached the top of the stairs, and her dress was undone at the bustle revealing a bright turquoise skirt. With her dress showcasing monumental landmarks in NYC, Blake was unmatchable at the Met. 

  Billie Eilish wore a Gucci upcycled dress, with a corseted gown and green underlay. Her heels were made from vegan materials and she pulled off the assigned attire perfectly. She truly is an icon. 


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