Three Years in the Making

Farewell to our most talented VDC and VDC 2 Seniors

   This past week, May 19th and May 20th, 2022 were host to El Modena’s first Amalgamation Spring Concert in 3 years, and without a doubt it was a spectacular show. Vanguard Dance Company(VDC) and VDC2 performed a show that left the audience sobbing at some points, and grinning ear-to-ear at others, the hallmark of a great show.

   Before looking at the more emotional dances of the show, the upbeat performances were all just as incredible. Both teams performed originally choreographed performances and these are just a few favorites.

   Following Baby Do What You Please was Shamrock Shake choreographed by Clara Buor. Admittedly this is one of my favorite dances; it’s fun, fast, and fabulous at getting the entire crowd really into a dance. Following Clara’s dance background, the dance was in the style of Irish reel to the song called Glasgow Reel by Coila.

   Happy and cheery songs aside, some of these dances were downright heartbreaking to watch. Front Porch, a more upbeat dance, had many in tears as half of this duet piece could not perform. Ruby Hewitt was supposed to perform this with Isabella Hernanedez, but Ruby had fallen and hurt her ankle the night before, leaving her unable to dance.

   The two best friends not being able to dance together gave the piece a sad connotation, and many who knew their story felt the sadness that came from it. Sadly, the dance right after this one did no favors for easing the hearts of the audience.

   Why She Had to Go performed and choreographed by Sydney Robinson, Peyton Smith, and Eliana Lipson, the VDC dance captains, had quite literally the whole audience sobbing. The dance displayed very vivid images of saying goodbye, as did the last dance Finding Myself.

   These two dances together left the whole dance team sobbing after the show, even throughout their group pictures they never stopped crying, showing the incredible bonds this year’s VDC team has created. 

   This dance show was the best I have ever seen, and every wave of emotion was welcome as we accepted their sorrow. Everyone needs to see this dance team in coming years,;they’re stunning onstage. 

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