Grad Night 2022

Life is a Highway at Grad Night this Year!

 Grad night is a way for seniors to celebrate graduating high school. They had challenging and stressful years, but were able to thrive through it all. Some of our vanguards even got scholarships to amazing colleges; we are so proud. They worked so hard these past few years and deserve a night off. 

   Grad night is also a way for 12th grade students to say goodbye to their childhood friends. It’s a last goodbye before our vanguards before they leave for college. They are leaving their childhood behind and going out into the adult world. 

   This year’s grad night theme is Radiator Springs Seniors and takes place on June 9th, the night of their long-awaited graduation.  

   ASB has other activities planned for our seniors they won’t want to miss, as well. Prom is May 21, the 12th grade panoramic photo is May 25th, the goodbye assembly is May 26th, and the Regalia Ceremony is June 6th. Also, Knott’s trip is June 6th, Senior Brunch is June 7, Graduation rehearsal is June 8th, and graduation is June 9th! 

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