Study Spots for Studious Scholars

Great Places to Study, Leaving the Nest After College

Verve Coffee Roasters

The cafe: Verve Coffee Roasters is a perfect place for you to study after school. Located on St. Mateo Street, Los Angeles- just 6 miles from USC, this calm coffee shop is great to grab a sip of coffee, a small bite of a snack, and get loads of homework done. With a variety of types of seats, you can sit by yourself at a 1 person table if you’re feeling timid, or a long group table.


The lobby of the Hammer Museum is a peaceful location to get into the study zone. Just a 7 minute walk from UCLA, this art museum offers Wi-Fi, a serene outdoor environment, relaxing music, and beautiful art to appreciate if you need to take a break. If you get hungry while studying, there is a restaurant, Lulu, in the museum’s courtyard, where you can grab a sophisticated meal  to fuel you through your studies.


Haus Coffee, a 30 minute bus ride away from UC San Francisco, offers indoor seating for the bay area’s cold and rainy days, and outdoor seating on the warm and sunny days of the Golden State. This cafe has many small tables, so it’s perfect for those who like to study individually, but there are also 4 table seaters, if you want to do a study sesh.

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