Education After Fame

3 Celebs Who Went To College After Becoming Famous

  Miranda Cosgrove, an American actress known for her role in ICarly, enrolled at the University of Southern California after ICarly wrapped up, majoring in film studies. Although acting was important to her, her time in college allowed her to truly find her passion, and switched her major to psychology, a major that runs in her family.

  Cole Sprouse, a well known actor attended New York University alongside his twin brother. He went on multiple archeological expeditions and focused on satellite image, or “virtual cartography.” Sprouse graduated with a degree in archeology, and his twin brother graduated with a degree in video game design. 

  Kim Kardashian, a social media and reality tv star, decided to get her law degree after realizing her passion for prison reform. Although not the traditional route, Kim is planning to pass two bar exams through apprenticeship to become a lawyer. After passing the baby bar, Kim continues her journey to become a lawyer.