Spring Into the Arts

A Look Into The Themes And Shows Broadcasted At Our Spring Festival

   It’s that time of year again that we celebrate the Spring into the Arts festival here at El Modena. Our theme this year is “It’s A Small World”; representing cultures and different ways of life around the world. Our advanced art classes are displaying colorful lanterns all around the Nature Center to embrace this theme. Each artist created a unique lantern showing their interpretation of what “It’s A Small World” means to them.

   Sirko and the Wolf, The Puff monster, and The BlabberMouth: these three Ukrainian folk tales will be performed by our Theater 1 class and with these performances comes a lot of meaning. The Drama teacher, Mrs. Gillen, has gratefully informed Frontline that all the money from the playwrights and copyright companies of these plays will be donated to the aid of Ukraine. So make sure to come and enjoy humorous and tradition

   Lastly, our wonderful choir will be singing songs from around the world in their home language. Sarah Frazier, choir student, shares her excitement and experience with these songs, “We are singing SiSi Kushangilia (Swahili), O Ochi Manza Mia (Italian), and Il est bel et bon (French). They are all in different languages, so learning these songs is a very good representation of “It’s A Small World”. I am very excited for this performance. It’s very cool to be singing a song in a different language that I haven’t learned personally, but know what it means, because then you get a small glimpse into what that language and culture is like.”

   Come and support our extremely talented vanguards and our art programs and learn about different cultures, we can’t wait to see you there.


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