The Dress that Stole the Show

Blake Lively Makes Her Big Appearance at This Year’s Met Gala

The Dress that Stole the Show

   This year’s met Gala, while filled with many celebrities, had one star that took the internet by storm; Blake Lively. This beloved actress certainly stood out with her stunning and brilliantly designed dress, perfectly encapsulating New York City.

   At first, the dress itself was a beautiful copper color with an art deco design on the front of the dress. Art deco, an architectural style, has left a legacy in the city with landmark buildings like the Chrysler Building built in the style.

   That wasn’t all though, the dress’ bow was undone to reveal a blue train from the original copper color. The color transformation symbolized the Statue of Liberty, which is made of copper, and had originally had an orangeish hue. Over time, as the stature oxidated, it turned into the iconic blueish-green it is today.

  Lively’s dress certainly kicked off the internet’s flurry of attention, but the dress was only a part of the process. Lively’s career and reputation make her adored by millions and her dress gave them a good reason to praise her.

   Blake Lively is one of those celebrities who feels like a friend. She hasn’t let the fame and fortune get in the way of who she is and she lets her fans know that no one is perfect, even Hollywood celebrities.

   And of course, we have to mention her husband Ryan Reynolds! You know he’s a great guy if Lively chose him as her husband, and they have shown everyone that they are exactly what a Hollywood couple should be, loving and authentic.

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