The Best Music For Prom

Must have tunes for a Melodious Rockin’ Prom

Frontline: “What artist would you like to hear at prom?”

Leslie Cabanas: “I want to hear Taylor Swift or Harry Styles.”

Andrea Sanchez: “I would like to hear Bad Bunny.”

Valerie Sanchez: “At prom, I would like to hear some music by the artist Taylor Swift.”

Erika Campos: “I would like to hear either Dojo Cat, Ariana Grande, or Olivia Rodrigo.”

FL: “Why that specific artist?”
LC: “Becuase her music is very versatile. She had really good upbeat songs and amazing slow songs.”
AS: “Because he has upbeat music to dance to, and his music is really good.”

Valerie Sanchez: “Not only are her songs great to sing and dance to, but they help get the party going.”

Erika Campos: “Because they bring life to the party.”

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