My First MORP

Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors Get Their First Ever MORP!

 MORP was the last dance of the school year for underclassmen unless they are invited to prom by an upperclassmen. It was a completely casual and fun dance that every year has a different theme. This year, the theme was Trolls World Tour to match our International Spring Assembly that was held on the same day during school. Every year, MORP is held at school. This year, MORP was held behind the science building instead of in The Quad.

Frontline: What do you think MORP is?

Freshman (Scarlett Lopez): “I think MORP is a chance for every grade level to experience one more dance before the 2022 school year comes to an end.”

Sophomore (Kiara Parayo): “I think MORP is the opposite of prom.” 

Junior (Ty Terlaak): “Just a fun casual dance where there’s no real stress of planning like there is with Prom.”


Frontline: How was MORP and did it meet your expectations? 

Freshman (Scarlett Lopez): “MORP was so fun! It went above and beyond my expectations. I loved the decorations and the whole vibe.”

Sophomore (Kiara Parayo): “I thought that MORP was a little underwhelming, but the people that did attend brought a lot of energy.”

Junior (Ty Terlaak): “MORP was good because my class and friends were there. I knew everyone and it was really casual. There were no expectations going in, so we just had fun and messed around.”

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