Cut the Cuts

Take my Advice and Avoid an Unforgivable Trip to the Barber


The “Edgar” Cut…these fades have gotten out of hand. There seems to be no flow or originality to cuts such as this, and it’s an awkwardly short length.  If you choose to get one of these haircuts, you don’t have the joy of running your hands through your flowy hair. Keep your hair to medium lengths!


Any iteration of a mullet is an immediate no. If I could pick one way to describe this haircut…it’s as if you fell asleep first at a sleepover and your friends got a hold of an electric razor. This is no “hit or miss” haircut. It’ll always be a miss.


   The “Ivy League” isn’t as bad as the mullet or “Edgar” cut, but it should be avoided. This look minimizes any volume to your hair, and the hair is often cut too short for comfort.

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