O Captain, My Captain!

Meet Our Spring Sports Captains




Blake Armstrong 

Alex Luna 

Jasmin Trujillo

Cooper Davis 

MaryJo Dunham 

Dylan Connor 

Ava Gomez 

Lily Gomez 



Ryan Osso 

Aaron Ceniceros 



Kaitlyn Simpson

Lynsey Arostigue


Boys Golf 

Cole Lamberson 

Zach Pilon 



Maddy Conklin 

Ricky Wharton 


Girls Lacrosse 

Mary Koutures


Boys Lacrosse 

Antonio Carrera

Anton Tobin

Luke Fordham

Nico Grajeda


Boys Volleyball 

Ryan Dickinson 


Boys Tennis 

Jacob Boyd

Sean McQuerrey

Vincent Vo

Chandler Chu


Frontline: What’s your favorite thing about playing sports? 

Vincent Vo: Team bonding is a big one, since I’m a team captain I help other people improve and by doing that I get the fulfillment of teaching other people and I get taught a lot too. 


FL:What has been your favorite sports memory in El Modena Baseball? 

Aaron Cinceceros: Definitely winning league last year with the team. We went 5-6 in league and being able to compete and dominate the league with my boys was a lot of fun. 


FL: In your opinion, what makes a good captain? 

Lily Gomez: What makes a good captain is someone who has good leadership and a lot of experience and also has a good relationship with the coaches. 

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