Marvel At The Moon

New Superhero Moon Knight Joins the Marvel Universe


  Museum gift-shop employee Steven Grant finds himself struggling to distinguish his dreams from his reality. Grant’s life is disrupted by, what he suspects to be, a severe sleeping disorder. However, following the day after a peculiar car chase involving a cupcake truck and a cult leader, Grant realizes that he is not the only individual that occupies his body. His alternative identity is introduced as Marc Spector, a man on a mission to denounce his supernatural servitude for the Egyptian deity Konshu. In order to rid himself of Konshu, Spector must stop the aforementioned cult leader (Arthur Harrow) from reanimating the evil goddess Ammit. Now, the clashing of the two identities, Spector and Grant, poses the greatest threat to stopping the reanimation of Ammit. The show beautifully encapsulates the chaos of Grant and Spectors’ perspectives while also progressing a mystical plot. The fascinating, fast paced, tumultuous nature of Moon Knight is definitely worth a watch.

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