Inked: On Campus

Woah! Those are really cool, how do I get one?

   Eliana Lipson: A detailed piece in full color, Eliana Lipson’s tattoo details a young girl chasing butterflies. To her this tattoo is a reminder of her grandmother and grandfather, who gifted her the small ornament this tattoo was based on. This tattoo took nearly 8 hours straight to complete as evidenced by its stunning colors, adding to the personal significance Eliana feels for it. 

   Triston Chavez: Triston  Chavez, an eagle scout and avid camper, has a tattoo displaying his love with a depiction of a tent, the sun and moon, a massive tree, and a mountain. He’s camped all his life and has always loved camping, so he commemorialized his love of camping this tattoo. Completing the tattoo took about an hour and its simple design is a pleasing depiction of forest camping.

   Jackson Keays: Boasting a decently sized key tattoo on his right leg, Jackson Keays is sharing this new tradition with his whole family as his mother, father, and siblings are getting matching sets. The Keays’s family key tattoos are the key to their keynote comedic malarkey, and everyone has laughed at this hilariously literal interpretation of their last name.

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