Frontline Book Club

Frontline Staff Shares Three Books That They Love


 If you love heartwarming stories about pets, hardship and adventure, this is definitely the book for you. This has been a lifelong favorite of mine; the beautiful, simple, sweet storytelling of the relationship between a boy and his fox and their journey to reunite after being separated.  (Review written by Heather Chell)

Pax: Pennypacker, Sara, Klassen, Jon: 9780062377029: Books - Amazon



Legend is set in a futuristic America and follows the split perspectives of June, the military protégée, and Day, the military’s most wanted criminal. June is tasked with catching her brother’s killer while Day races against the clock to find a cure for his brother who was just diagnosed with the latest plague.  (Review written by Maryjo Dunham)

Amazon - Legend: Lu, Marie: 9780142422076: Books


Billy Summers

  Stephen King’s Billy Summers is about ex-militia Billy’s last hit. Summers only kills the bad guys and puts out his “dumb self” to act as a pawn for hire when in reality… he’s five steps ahead. This last ride is full of suspense and emotion from the moment he completes his last paid job to the very end of the book when he decides to hunt the true bad guys.   (Review written by Sara Bowen)

Billy Summers: King, Stephen: 9781982173616: Books

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